Columbia vs Colombia

Two videos you should see as they give a nice idea about Colombia and Columbia 😉

For some reason many people still call Colombia; Columbia. COLUMBIA is a city in the USA and the country really is called COLOMBIA. Please note hehe

This video was made by the Colombian Film Industry to get support from the Government and make sure that the country does not depend on foreign films to give the “right” image about Colombia.

Now please see this one:

It is from a campaign which is called: “Colombia is Passion!”


4 responses to “Columbia vs Colombia

  1. Two great videos. I travel to Aruba, where I’ve met many Colombians. Soon I’ll visit them in Colombia to see for myself.

  2. You should definitely come over and check out Colombia! Just saw your blog on Aruba, looks good, hope we can check it out ourselves soon also…

  3. Columbia is also a poetic name for the United States, and secondly, the American hemisphere, as in the patriotic song:
    Oh Columbia! the gem of the ocean,
    The home of the brave and the free,
    The shrine of each patriot’s devotion,
    A world offers homage to thee.
    Most Americans are astounded to learn than ColUmbia actually refers to the good ol’ USA, while our favorite Latin American country is spelt ColOmbia.

  4. I could point out that the “Columbia” pictured in the first video actually does exist in some way: in the jungles and remote villages where guerrillas, drug gangs and paramilitaries still keep maintaining a war fueled by drug money, with the millions of poor people carrying most of the burden.

    But that is a nasty reality that the government wants to black out and hide under the carpet. Colombia is a very beautiful place, but it can turn very nasty if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. It has the highest number of war refugees after Sudan. It is the most dangerous place in the world for unionists, dissidents and investigative journalists. You don’t really see that reality as a tourist, regular expat or backpacker.

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