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Alejandro Sanz – Corazon Partio (Musica)

Alejandro is still Spanish and also this song I like a lot. The title translates to “Broken Heart”. Great song that we are hearing a lot on the radioin Colombia these days eventhough it is already a little older…


Cafe Tacuca – Eres : Music for a snowy Christmas day

For all of you reading this from far away in the cold and snowy/rainy plains of Holland, US or whatever other place on the wrong side of the thermostat, a kind of depressing song of Cafe Tacuca, a Mexican group named after a local coffee shop in Mexico City, that has won Grammies and is being played frequently on Colombian radio. (too many commas?)

We will think of you during these cold days, from our steamy barbeque parties while taking a whiskey or beer into the pool to not overheat.