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Reggaeton – Music

As I mentioned in my last post, Spanish (speaking) people are very into Reggaeton, which to me basically is the Latins version of HipHop. Besides maybe one or two songs, in Europe I had never heard of this music, but now in Colombia I am of course hearing it a lot more around me.

By far the biggest star in this kind of music must be Daddy Yankee. He seems to have made at least the most commercially successful tracks like “Gasolina”:

and now I heard “Llamado de Emergencia” the whole weekend and it also seems to be a big one:

Sorry but the original video has an amazingly boring start, so I skipped to this one that starts right away.

In case you are now wondering how you dance to Reggaeton, check out the somewhat explicit instruction video:

It will not be my favorite kind of music anywhere soon, but once in a while it can be nice to go partying on.


Celia Cruz – La vida es un carnaval (Music)

Celia Cruz (Cuban) was worldwide known as the queen of salsa and had an impressive career with 23 golden albums to her name. She unfortunately passed away in 2003, but many of her songs you can still hear in Latin parties around the world. This particular song is actually the only one I know so far. It is translated into: “Life is a carnaval”, life is a party and it is one of the songs that gets me moving easily.

This video comes with subtitles that I think are made with some online translating site as there are some mistakes, but you get the idea:

Oiga, Mire, Vea – Orquesta Guayacan (Music)

A pure Colombian song from Tierra Caliente (Hot Land): Cali. The video shows some nice images of the city, which I have not visited myself yet so I do not know too much about it. Enjoy!

Happy Colombians

While reading this text, listen to this song please:

Have you already noticed that most Colombian music is very positive, happy, uplifting? After my teenage years were over I started to dislike all the dramatic music & movies and other drama in whatever art form. Life really is too short to add artificial drama to it! Maybe that is also what attracts me to the life and lifestyle here. Of course people are not 100% happy all the time, but they prefer to forget about their worries and live life to the max.

In various studies over the recent years it has shown that Colombians are amongst the most happiest people in the world.  Surrounded by far wealthier countries like Denmark, Canada and my own birthplace The Netherlands, Colombia took the bronze medal in a research done by Businessweek:


An outtake: “Today it’s the world’s third happiest country, but “cocaine” and “cartel” are traditionally more easily associated with Colombia than “carefree” and “contented.” The change: Surging tourism and economic growth have accompanied the South American country’s efforts in recent years to reassert control over its decades-old rebel violence and lucrative drug operations. Even though per capita income is far lower than in the top 10 countries, Colombia’s literacy rate is 94%, well above the world average. And the ethnically tolerant country supports thriving coastal communities of Arabs, Jews, Italians, Germans, French, Portuguese, and Roma descendants.

In daily life I notice that people do not look that far ahead as in the Netherlands, they take things more per day and enjoy as long as it lasts. I read this afternoon a nice phrase: put two Colombians together and you have a party!

Btw. the song played is “Quiero verte sonreir” from Carlos Vives and translates to: “I want to see you smile”…enough said!

“La Flaca” – Jarabe de Palo (Musica)

The name “Jarabe de Palo” is a little dubious as it translates to : “medicine from the stick”…

The group is originally from Spain but somehow described by Wikipedia as a Latin rock group. This song is already an oldy as it dates from 1996 and is the first big hit from this group. The other one of course is “Bonito” also to be found in another post on this page. “La Flaca” was writen after the group returned from Cuba where apparantly there are some nice flacas (skinny/good figured girls) to be found!

Alejandro Sanz and Shakira – Te lo agradezco pero no (Musica)

For a long time there have been speculations that Alejandro and Shakira (Colombiana) have a “special” relationship. They seem to get along well and have made some interesting videos together:

No idea what the purpose of this specific piece was, but if this was my girl…”te lo agradezco pero NO!!!”

Anyway, enough gossip; again a great song of them both that translates into something like “Thank you, but no…” :

Check here for the translation of this somewhat sad song.

Christmas day – el Tiburon – Musica

While recovering in the bed from the great party yesterday night, we are watching a great Christmas day movie: Happy Feet. Just now the main character met the latin guys from the other pinguin tribe, the funniest guys ever.  In the background I thought I heard this very famous latin song. It was not, but with me trying to sing the song I was thinking about, my wife inmediately recognized it as Proyecto Uno : El Tiburon! A Merenrap (Merengue mixed with rap) song from the 90´s about hunting girls that even was famous in Holland.  Great song!