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Reggaeton – Music

As I mentioned in my last post, Spanish (speaking) people are very into Reggaeton, which to me basically is the Latins version of HipHop. Besides maybe one or two songs, in Europe I had never heard of this music, but now in Colombia I am of course hearing it a lot more around me.

By far the biggest star in this kind of music must be Daddy Yankee. He seems to have made at least the most commercially successful tracks like “Gasolina”:

and now I heard “Llamado de Emergencia” the whole weekend and it also seems to be a big one:

Sorry but the original video has an amazingly boring start, so I skipped to this one that starts right away.

In case you are now wondering how you dance to Reggaeton, check out the somewhat explicit instruction video:

It will not be my favorite kind of music anywhere soon, but once in a while it can be nice to go partying on.