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telmex-idiotsOut of pure frustration with this nonsense company, I need to warn everyone about Telmex, a provider of telephone, tv and internet in Colombia. If you are thinking of getting any of these service, please I beg you, do not use Telmex.Really, I will pay you for not taking a contract with them. Together we can get them out of the country…pretty please?

Telemex´s owner, Mr. Slim, is one the richest people in the world, but you really must wonder why? I have never seen such an incompetent company and I have had some crazy experiences already before with Chinese!

First of all, the service was amazingly bad. Internet went out every other day because (according to their help desk) there was a line broken, they were doing updates, someone farted, anyway, it did not work. Besides that, they changed their tv system to a digital one, which also took out the option of changing channels to their original English version. So now you are stuck watching Lost in Spanish, which really is not the same.

etb-friendsSo we decided to cancel the account and move to ETB. Luckily we had complaint many times and they had to accept our cancellation because of bad service (this is a new law in Colombia). But than the problems started.

The technician that was supposed to come (which is a department outsourced by Telmex), never showed up. So we kept calling and calling and finally they told us to go to their customer service office and hand in the decoder etc and pay a little fine. After paying I think about 6USD in fine, they gave us a letter that said that everything was in paz y salvo (basically we had followed all our obligations and were done, no more invoices, nothing).

So, so far not that bad, but than we received the next month another invoice from them. After again calling and again being sent to their office, they immediately realized they made a mistake and canceled the invoice. But they still did not completely close our account. So every month we are receiving a new invoice and people start calling us that we did not pay yet. Turns out that still that lazy technician from the beginning has to come and shut down the line (whatever that may mean). Each time we call Telmex, they say they will call us within72hours, but nobody every calls. So we are stuck in the machine that is called help desk and are already waiting for 2 months for someone to call. No other solutions are available according to their employees…

Tomorrow we are going to their office again and I will not leave before the solve this issue, but lets see, I might be there until the next year. My god what a shitty company and how unfortunate that companies have still so much power over consumers. Time to go into politics and straighten things out for good!!

So Mr. Slim if you read this, please be noted that your whole Colombia operation sucks gigantically and if you really want to put a decent company here,  send me an email. I will reply you within 72 hours hahahhahaha


Millionairs call update!

One of our family members was almost a victim of a famous scam in which the maid gets a call from someone saying that the house owner has an emergency and needs all the money and jewelry in the house. Sometimes they actually cooperate and bring all your belongings to some thief that is waiting outside and whom of course disappears with your stuff.

In the end the scam did not work in this case but still we wanted to know if the maids were just plain stupid or if they were involved, so we arranged for a professional to do a lie detector test. Turns out that the maids are innocent, but they forgot the mention some details that make the story interesting I think: the day of the scam there were actually 8 phone calls to the house!! Some person saying that she wanted to know if the owner was home; one maid answered and said that Ms. X was not home. This is how they get your name. Than later they called and asked to confirm the address to make sure some invitation for a wedding would arrive. More details were giving. This goes on until they have enough to let the final scammer call and persuade the maid to assist in whatever is needed… So be aware!!

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The millionairs call

Also known as “la llamada millionaria” is a very interesting scam that today was put into action against a family member.

As maids are inexpensive here (20.000COP/12USD a full day) many richer people have a maid (or several) that even live in their house during the week. They clean, cook, take care of the kids, do the groceries, etc.

The millionaires call is basically a very well planned setup in which some ladrones (thieves) get to know as much as they can about you, your family, maids etc. Than when they know that you are not home, they call your maid and pretend to call on your behalf. For example they say that they are your secretary and that you are in trouble. The maid of course gets really worried and if they are not too bright, they will do as the person calling asks. As you can imagine the caller wants the maid to gather as much valuables as possible and take them out of the building to meet somewhere. All supposedly to help you out of a tricky situation in which you need a lot of money and for some reason you can not call yourself to the maid.

Today they actually knew the telephone number of the house, that nobody was there, that the owner of the house was at a doctors appointment and probably that there was some money in the house. The maid in this case was not one of the smarter ones and did not check with anyone what was going on. In an earlier case I witnessed, the maid simply called her “boss” and it was clear what was going on.

Luckily, today, another family member arrived to this house and found the maid packing all the “goods”. Police showed up and checked the meeting place but of course the ladrones were already far gone. The maid will probably loose her job as it is not sure if she can be trusted…

Another argument for me to use in favor of not having a maid 😀