About me and this blog

Life is crazy…sometimes….

Yesterday I had the realization again that I am far away from my place of birth, in a different country, with different people and a language which is not mine (yet). This realization comes once in a while at just any random moment and it feels like being in two places at the same time. My mind reminds me of the life I had in the Netherlands, my friends there, family, snacks, Dutch, calm cities, seasons or just the smell of the air. Life has changed a lot after leaving behind all I knew as normal about three years ago, but at the same time it actually has not changed that much.

Life is more dynamic here for sure and sometimes even a little “loca”, but I still eat a sandwich with cheese in the morning, I make money by working my ass off,  in the weekends I go partying with friends, I enjoy complaining about the government (here mainly the municipality one) and I love spending time with my amazing wife.

So life here to me seems not that different from life in any other place in the world, but I thought that it would be better to “show” this by making a blog about it than by attempting to explain it over the phone to my friends and family.

Before I really begin with this, I must make it clear that my life is not that of the average Colombian. I do not pretend to know a lot about Colombia or its population and I will not write too much about politics, as there is enough information about that elsewhere. This will simply be about my daily life…

Ah and in case you do not know me personally, you can call me:


Looking forward to your replies, comments etc.


23 responses to “About me and this blog

  1. Querido OJ, estamos fascinados de leer tus experiencias diarias en nuestra recordada Colombia. Es hermoso saber que alguien que nacio en otro pais , admire y quiera el de su esposa. No te imaginas cuanto extrañamos, especialmente yo, que siempre fui tan pegada a mi familia. Pienso al jubilarme, pasar la epoca del invierno en Colombia y el resto del tiempo aqui en Lincoln, con mis hijos y nietos. Ojala puedan venir pronto para conocerte.

    Love, Tia Dora & Familia.

  2. Dear Carlos Vive
    I would like to have the cd that you sing MI CONSETIDA that is a great song what is the name of that cd I would like to send for it.
    Here is my email. majosto@cfl.rr.com
    my name is madelyn agosto please answer my email.thank you.

  3. Dear Carlos Vive
    I hope you get my email I am trying to find the name of the cd that you sing mi consetida I love that song than I like the way you sing. please try to send me the name of that cd with the song MI CONSETIDA
    HERE IS MY EMAIL majosto@cfl.rr.com

  4. Dear Madelyn, I am not the one you think, I just like the music of Carlos Vives and thats why I posted it. I am actually not sure if Carlos ever wrote a song that is called Mi Consentida, but maybe you can check in youtube or search in google…If I come across Carlos anywhere I will ask or si lees esto Carlos, de que album es esta cancion? 😉

    (just found a song that includes “mi consentida”: check fruta fresca (possibly the real name of the song?)

  5. La vida is indeed loca…^_^

    You probably found this by now, but just in case, the song in question, “Fruta Fresca”(which says “…que tu eres mi consentida que lo sepa todo el mundo…”, is on the album “El Amor de mi Tierra”.

    Viva la musica!

  6. hey oj, looking forward to reading your blog more. my mom’s from colombia, but i live in chicago. colombia is a second home, of sorts, so i’m interested in hearing what another expat has to say about it. cheers!

    • hola Marcella! As you can see I have started again after a long period in which I did not have too much time available. Hopefully you and all the others reading, will enjoy the new things that strike me about Colombia. saludos!!

  7. love this blog. haven’t really understoof if u’re colombian or not, if u are thanks for the patriotism if u’re not, thanks anyway. lotsa info, super complete, unbiased. just what the world needs to know.

  8. hi Juli, thanks for reading! I am actually from 100% Dutch parents, but right now I would say I am about 49% Colombian; I love living in Bogota, my wife is Colombian, the people I hang out with are mostly Colombian, I eat empanadas from Pipian, drink Colombiana and drive like a madman, but still eat dutch-like peanutbutter on my bread (hate tamales in the morning), not a fan of Morzilla and still do not understand all the cousins when they speak. Anyway, thanks for your comment and spread the word 😉

  9. Dear Mr. Pearson,

    In order to create an exhibition about climate protection actions in international cities such as Bogotá we would like to ask you about the permission to publish your picture with the title “ciclovia-4.jpg” (https://lavidaesloca.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/ciclovia-4.jpg).

    The picture will be placed on a bill that demonstrates the measures of Bogotá. The exhibition takes place from June, 11th to June 19th at the University of Hamburg and is a part of the architecture summer 2009 in Hamburg, Germany. In case you have the picture in a higher resolution than the one available on the internet, we would be very grateful if you could send it to us via Email.

    If you have any other questions about the exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Kind regards

  10. Very nice blog. ! 🙂

  11. hi OJ
    thanks for this blog… i just started looking arround and reading your different reports and personal experiences, and just can’t stop it 😉
    i have been only 10 days to Bogotá many years ago, had a girlfriend there for some time after, and am happy to learn more and more about the country and the people, also thanks to your blog.
    keep on writing. wish you all the best, from Luxembourg. / / / Pascal
    by the way: don’t ask for the weather here, it starts getting ugly :-))
    and i fully agree: colombianas estan las chicas las mas bonitas ;-)) (I hope that this writing is almost correct…)

  12. Hi There,

    i loved reading your blog. I plan to come to columbia to spend few months after I pick up my spanish in guatemala sometime this year.

    i am excited.!!!

    keep sharing your experiences.

    • if you go to Guate, Antigua is highly recommended. It is a little village close to Guatemala city where there are a lot of courses and live just is extremely relaxed. Than come to ColOmbia 😉

  13. Hi and thanks for a nice blog!
    Would you like to exchange links? Our blog is: http://learnspanishincolombia.wordpress.com/

    Paulo Silva

  14. Hey i enjoyed your blog, please take a look at my new blog http://www.thisiscolombia.net
    Was set up to provide a network and a resource for people to learn more about the real Colombia. Keep an eye out as we will be posting lots of interesting articles over the coming weeks. Anyone who has any Colombia related stories, comments, or general information which they would like to share, please email contact@thisiscolombia.net
    We would also like to receive your Colombia photographs as we are setting up a gallery, the best photos we receive will be featured on our home page every month .

  15. Hola OJ, estoy tratando de comunicarme contigo para ver si podemos usar las imagenes publicadas aqui en una presentacion para TED-x Potomac. La intencion es hablar de la Ciclovia. Los creditos al autor estaran en la presentacion.

    mi e-mail lalmansa@blendindesign.com

    • sorry have to answer in spanish, Que pena Lina, no mire mucho el blog en los ultimos meses por que he estado muy ocupado con mi trabajo. Si en el futuro desean usar fotos o algo, dejame saber cuales por que no todas son mias…

  16. Hello, I enjoy your blog. My cousin and his wife on on their sail boat there. They are Sonny and Kay Sides on “The Valentina”
    If you can look them up and say Hi I would appreciate it.

    • hey Ron, I had a quick look on their site, interesting trip they are undertaking! I left them a message in their guestbook…

  17. Hi OJ! I was wondering if I could use one of your photos of the cyclovia for a blog post I’m writing too! Please let me know.

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