Caraluna – Bacilos (Music)

With a group of Ecuadorians, a Colombian singer forms the group Bacilos that has might some very nice songs, always reminding me of my first trip to Latin America, Guatemala.

My big brother was traveling at the time from Mexico to the South of South America, but somehow a girl made him stop in Guatemala and interrupt his 6 month trip after only being on the road for two weeks!!!

Of course my parents wanted to see what was going on after my brother stayed in Guatemala the whole year and we made a trip together to visit. Driving around the country with his girl behind the wheel and in control of the radio, we heard the full CD of Bacilos maybe 200 times and this was one of the songs:

An interesting time and great memories. Last March we went again, but this time to see them get married ;). Little late bro! I beat you to it!


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