CHICAS LINDAS! (Pretty ladies)

By far Colombia has the most beautiful women in the world.

taliana vargas Miss Colombia

Even though Venezuela won the Miss Universe last time it is clear that Colombia should have won as Colombianas are a special treat. Before meeting any, my now brother in law (Guatemalan) told me that the Colombianas were something to look out for. He and his friends could not stop talking about them and not knowing any I could just nod my head in agreement. Little did I know that about a year later I would be studying in Barcelona in the mix of a very international crowd including; COLOMBIANAS. As happened with many nationalities, the Colombians found each other fast in the university and through the Colombians in my class I got introduced to my current wife. I had never met anyone like her. A graceful and fun girl, strong of character, difficult to figure out and with the most beautiful emerald green eyes that got me locked into her from day one. We only got together after a few months of game play, but when we finally did we got married within a year and this was now almost 4 years ago. Blond haired, green eyed babies will follow soon…;)

sofia-vergara-5Colombianas (and the same I think goes for many other Latinas) take really good care of their appearance and they dress always as if there is a party that they might have to go to at some point of the day. I don’t think they even sell sweatpants for women here!! Walking on the streets or in the malls you will find that there are many exotic women walking around that will easily make your head spin and especially Medellin is known for harvesting beauty on a regular basis. The obsession with beauty actually seems to be somewhat extreme for outsiders as the amounts of beauty pageants is astounding. I think there are at least 300 Misses a year crowned, anywhere from Miss “Corn” to Miss “little village in the middle of the jungle” and plastic surgery is an amazingly booming business.

Anyway, I love the Colombian women and especially mine. Lindis, if you read this, please do not get mad for writing about other pretty women hehe. No need to be jealous ok? haha

On behalf of the male population of this country: Colombianas, please always stay feminine and keep dressing the way you do, we will be watching 😉

To finish off some examples to show you what I mean;

Taliana Vargas(1)

Valerie Dominguez2

Valerie Dominguez

Paola Turbay

Maria Victoria Montoya (La Toya)

Carolina Gomez

Carolina Castro2

Andre Serna2


If you want to see more: (famous Colombian site with many pinups)


10 responses to “CHICAS LINDAS! (Pretty ladies)

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  2. It is too bad the Colombian men do not put as much effort into their appearance. Again, men get off easy! By the way, most of the women in your photos have had silicon breast implants. You are so easily fooled.

    • actually it is good that they do not put in that much effort as it leaves the door wide open for us foreigners 😉 and btw, nobody is being fooled here, it does not take away that a beautiful fake tit is still a beautiful tit! haha

  3. estas si estan buenas

  4. it’s funny how you talk about these women like barbies, as if they are something to collect in your exhibition of exotica.

    • not sure where you hear me talking about women like barbies? You think it is not good to celebrate the beauty of women? Not sure what could be wrong with that… You must be one of those sweatpants wearing women that hate beautiful women enjoying life. Come on just enjoy beauty where you can find it and do not place yourself above everyone else with feminist views of wanting men and women to be exactly the same; we are not and lets thank god for that!

  5. Sofia Vergara (who is totally natural, btw) is like My Ideal Woman! I just finished watching tonight’s episode of Modern Family. She looked especially gorgeous tonight.

  6. cristhian gonzalez

    soy um venezolano em portugal que esta interesado de conoser mujeres colombianas,quien este interesada responder

    • mi friend, this is not a dating site 😉 but thank you for the interest in the Colombian women. It proves my point exactly…

  7. sofia is just buetifill

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