telmex-idiotsOut of pure frustration with this nonsense company, I need to warn everyone about Telmex, a provider of telephone, tv and internet in Colombia. If you are thinking of getting any of these service, please I beg you, do not use Telmex.Really, I will pay you for not taking a contract with them. Together we can get them out of the country…pretty please?

Telemex´s owner, Mr. Slim, is one the richest people in the world, but you really must wonder why? I have never seen such an incompetent company and I have had some crazy experiences already before with Chinese!

First of all, the service was amazingly bad. Internet went out every other day because (according to their help desk) there was a line broken, they were doing updates, someone farted, anyway, it did not work. Besides that, they changed their tv system to a digital one, which also took out the option of changing channels to their original English version. So now you are stuck watching Lost in Spanish, which really is not the same.

etb-friendsSo we decided to cancel the account and move to ETB. Luckily we had complaint many times and they had to accept our cancellation because of bad service (this is a new law in Colombia). But than the problems started.

The technician that was supposed to come (which is a department outsourced by Telmex), never showed up. So we kept calling and calling and finally they told us to go to their customer service office and hand in the decoder etc and pay a little fine. After paying I think about 6USD in fine, they gave us a letter that said that everything was in paz y salvo (basically we had followed all our obligations and were done, no more invoices, nothing).

So, so far not that bad, but than we received the next month another invoice from them. After again calling and again being sent to their office, they immediately realized they made a mistake and canceled the invoice. But they still did not completely close our account. So every month we are receiving a new invoice and people start calling us that we did not pay yet. Turns out that still that lazy technician from the beginning has to come and shut down the line (whatever that may mean). Each time we call Telmex, they say they will call us within72hours, but nobody every calls. So we are stuck in the machine that is called help desk and are already waiting for 2 months for someone to call. No other solutions are available according to their employees…

Tomorrow we are going to their office again and I will not leave before the solve this issue, but lets see, I might be there until the next year. My god what a shitty company and how unfortunate that companies have still so much power over consumers. Time to go into politics and straighten things out for good!!

So Mr. Slim if you read this, please be noted that your whole Colombia operation sucks gigantically and if you really want to put a decent company here,  send me an email. I will reply you within 72 hours hahahhahaha


8 responses to “WARNING: TELMEX SUCKS!!

  1. Telmex really sucks – had a lot of bad experience with them while living in Mexico. The company owners are corrupt and have a total disregard for the Mexican people.

  2. I have had horrible experience with telmex and their Mexican partner Prodigy. My email will sit in my Outlook outbax for days. I have the option of using their primitive 1995 design mail client at their website, but iot is so backwards it is historic.
    I would switch everything to satelite but it I would have to smuggle in a Hughes Net satelite dish and transmitter and put up with their slow service.
    Mr. Slim must be either very busy and knows nothing of technology, or he is just greedy enough to not give a crap. I make it a goal to get is people on the help line at least once a day and tie up their service department with the exact same complaint. That has been going on for two months.

  3. Mariana Llamas-Cendon

    Cannot agree more… TELMEX and especially it Internet service INFINITUM suck big time!!!! They have no idea what costumer service means, they treat you like crap, no one takes responsibility for anything… When you call INFINITUM (01-800-123-2222) curiously they answer: “Thanks for calling Telmex”, and then the call drops… and you try this for hours and days and weeks without a response… but then if you go to the Telmex branch to complain they tell you they cannot do a thing and that you have to keep on trying the INFINITUM number. So I wonder if the answer is “Thanks for calling Telmex”, if you sign up for the service in a TELMEX branch because INFINITUM does not have even a booth at any of the branches… how come TELMEX takes no responsibility? STUPID!!!!!

  4. Telmex would do Bizz in the U.S. but they would have tomany law suites. They have to be the bigest POS I’ve ever seen. They like the money but don’t want to give the service. I’m ready to go and get U.S. satellite service.
    It’s sad but Mexico seems to eat there youngin bizz. I may live in Mexico but as time goes on I buy less and less in Mexico.

  5. If only more than 56 people would hear about this!

  6. I live in Mexico. (In the state of Oaxaca.) Telmex provides the worst service not just internet-wise but period of any company I’ve ever encounterd in any walk of life. Daily outages are the least of your problems. Yes through 3 different modems my connection goes out every single day at least once or twice for 5 solid years. If you should God forbid permanently lose connection you can expect they will indeed fix it in a week or so maybe… If they feel like it. Luckily the bill is always on time though.

  7. I’ve been living in Sonora, Mexico, for eight years so I know what I’m talking about. Infinitum Internet service is now a part of Telcel, a division 0f Telmex. The reason for such lousy service in Mexico is because workers are paid starvation wages. The average Mexican worker earns about four to eight dollars a day. Several years ago a worker in the former Soviet Union remarked to a reporter: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” This is the situation in Mexico, and it is because “time is nothing” in Mexico, Mexican workers have no incentive to get off their butts, and in fact they will (justifiably) work very slowly so they will go into overtime. Telcel is a monstrocity created by Carlos Slim who, like all Mexican capitalists, would pay workers a penny a day if he could get away with it.

    Because Telmex (Prodigy Infinitum) has an absolute monopoly in most (but not all) of Mexico, there is no packet switching (who are you going to switch your packets to when there’s only one network?), which translates into dropouts, errors, and loss of service. Many businesses use the Internet for credit card approval with their terminals. When the Internet is out, so is the credit card authorization system. Compounding all of this is the refusal of Telcel to construct fiber optic systems, relying instead on cable and microwave. Advertised bandwidth is rarely available, especially considering that Mexicans have this fascination with downloading songs and videos from peer-to-peer networks such as Ares, and they frequently download several videos at a time. iPhone service is, needless to say, a nightmare.

    DirectPC will prove useless for VoIP such as Skype because of the latency (time required to get the OK to Send command relative to the Request to Send command). It will not work.

  8. I live in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. TelMex is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I have never had to deal with such an incompetent company in my entire and I pray I never will in the future.

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