Sombrereria San Francisco – hats since 1945

In one of the side streets of Plaza de Bolivar, the square in the center of Bogota where also the President lives, already for 64 years the same family is selling all sorts of hats for men and women.

hat-storeDon Ernesto Ayarza and his wife Rosita sold their house to start sombrereria San Francisco in a time that most men in Bogota wore hats and have increased their store to almost an entire street of hats for sale ranging from 10.000COP (4USD) till 30.000.000COP(15.000USD). The last made of some rare snake skin with rubies and only available on special order. A good quality, well shaped cowboy hat costs somewhere around 150.000COP(60USD)

my-hatA lot of vaqueros (cowboys) come from far to buy their hats here but also city people use them, especially in their fincas (farmhouses) outside the city. In our family most men have one and for my birthday my parents-in-law gave me my way of fitting in on the farm.

This time we passed the store, as we were coming from San Victorino and my wife wanted to buy a hat. It kind of looks like a flying soucer in this picture I made but on her head it looks really fresh and modern.


San Francisco sells all kinds of hats (even baseball hats) and can be found at Calle 11, 8-28, tel: 3365623


3 responses to “Sombrereria San Francisco – hats since 1945

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  2. me gustaria saber si ustedes tiene sombreros negros en paño para dama es una ocacion muy elengante me gustaria conocer costos y diseños, si es posible enviar modelos al correo.


    • a quick reply in spanish as this person did not understand my English I think (he is asking me about the hats I am selling etc)
      Desafortunadamente yo no soy aliado con la tienda de sombreros. Si usted tiene interes en comprar uno, tendria que ir al centro de Bogota o llamarlos, buscando en las paginas amarillas. Seguro que tiene lo que busca.

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