My favorite restaurant in Bogota! WOK WOK WOK WOK

wok-93I am not an easy eater and most dishes are completely disregarded by my tongue, but WOK is something else. Every time we have a craving, are happy and even when we are sad about something, we go to this Asian oriented restaurant where they play nice lounge music and serve the best food in the city. Comfort food at its best!

Of course I should have written about this place a long time ago, but I always forget to take a camera so do not have any pictures. Luckily Google sometimes helps so thanks for the pics my friends!

wok_estacionWOK at Gran Estacion (have not been there)

WOK has a very extensive menu that is actually a small magazine nowadays. They have the best and most creative sushi I have eaten on any side of the world and if you go you need to try at least the spring rolls, gyozas, some of the rice paper wraps and the coco juice! For about 50.000COP (20USD) we always have a great meal and feel great when walking out again.

There are several WOK´s around town. The ones I know are at Parque 93 and Avenida 19 with about 120. Please try it out and let me know what you think!

wokWOK on poles at Av.19-120


8 responses to “My favorite restaurant in Bogota! WOK WOK WOK WOK

  1. You’re right, Wok is a wonderful restaurant chain. For less than $15, El Corral Gourmet is also a great option. Indeed, my favourites in Bogota : Amarti, Astrid & Gaston, H Sassoon and above all, of course Andres Carne de Res !!!

  2. I still need to write about Andres but have not been for a while and want to make the pics myself…Amarti is pretty good, El Corral not my favorite, the other two I have not been yet. Thanks for the reply!

  3. @lavidaesloca: I agree with you about El Corral… the burger there ain’t that great by itself and thus it needs to have lots of toppings and sauces. So where is the best burger in town?

    American Burger, corner of calle 85 and carrera 21

  4. I am a Colombian living in the USA. I enjoy reading your blog. I find it amussing to see the perspective that “outsiders” have about Colombia. Sometimes it is so much more porsitive than our own. I appreciate the fairness that you show toward our colorful country. Being abroad has helped me see Colombian culture from a different perspective.

    May I recommend this other blog about Colombia to your readers:

  5. @Santiago, I will try out that one soon! Thanks for the tip!

  6. @Me, thanks for the reply! Nice to hear I change even the Colombians opinion about Colombia haha
    I will definitely check out the other blog also! un saludo!

  7. Hi, I am visiting Bogota for the first time and I just tried Wok last week; it seems to be a very obvious copy– from the modern interiors and pan-Asian menu– of a restaurant chain in the UK called Wagamama. They even copied the star logo. But the food was pretty good considering there are no Asian chefs in the kitchen. And the menu presentation was quite impressive. Our group of four enjoyed our meal, and the room filled up quickly for lunch, considering it was a Monday.

    • lavidaesloca

      hmm it seems you are right, I will research it a little more and decide if I will keep spending my money there…I really despise people that steal/copy ideas, even though I must admit that WOK did a great job at it…hmm tough one!

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