Colombia or Thailand?

A little test, which photo is Colombia, which one Thailand?











san_andres7Answer:   all except 5 and 7 are…….Colombia!!

When we were in Thailand last year, I mentioned to my wife that Thailand looks a lot like Colombia and than especially the nature; the islands, ocean and flora and fauna. As you can see the islands San Andres and Providencia (but also islands around Cartagena) are not distinguishable from Thai islands. I checked with several Colombians that actually have been to both and they were wrong in about 50% of the guesses. I really want to go soon to San Andres and when we do, there will be a full review to be found here…

Feliz Ano Nuevo a todos!!


8 responses to “Colombia or Thailand?

  1. Tatiana y Mickey

    Let’s go! In 5 months we’ll be there definitely!

  2. Excellent this idea. Yes, you are right. But not only Thailand… Cambodia and Vietnam keep much similarities with Colombia and also some of our Colombian people seems just relatives of South East Asia People. A good evidence to increase relations between these parts of the planet, looking our common elements and learning the best for the development of our countries. Greetings Colombia from Cambodia.

  3. Unfortunately have not had the pleasure of visiting Cambodia or Vietnam, but I imagine the similarity goes for the region as you say. Nice website btw, I will put it in my links soon!

  4. I have been to both places and it was difficult to distinguish the two apart. Being that I am an American-born Colombian, New York is hom, but Colombia is my second home and I consider Thailand my third. Can’t wait to go in Aug for some diving in San Andres. Que lindo es Colombia y Tailandia.


  5. Hello we went to San andres, the island is very beautiful, the people are very nice. And the hotel was excellent!! My litlle girl likes it a lot.
    We love San Andres…..

    Greetz from Hollanda

  6. Como se llama el hotel en la foto #8?

    Mil gracias estoy planeando mi luna de miel!

  7. Melanie, unfortunately I do not know the name of that hotel. It should be relatively easy to find though, search for San Andres or Providence Hotel…maybe has it?

  8. Hotel Decameron!!

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