“No le pegue a la negra” – Don´t hit the black lady – Music

Before anyone gets offended, I have to explain that in Latin America it is very normal to call someone  “Negro” or “Negra” which means black man or black lady. This is absolutely not seen as offensive here and a lot of people will probably not even be aware of the discussion this could cause for example in the US.

The population in Colombia ranges from black to white and everything in the middle, mainly due to the Spanish “conquistadores” that took slaves from Africa with them, raped indiginas (native indians) or just had “relationships” with them.

This song talks about that time (around 1600) and the suffering of the slaves in Cartagena (famous city at the north coast of Colombia). This version is from our good friend Juanes in his current tour and when we were there I of course had no clue that it was about something very serious as the song is salsa and therefore sort of uplifting.

To read more about the time of the conquistadores click here.

Btw. put the volume of your speakers a little lower, the video is loud and not the best quality!


2 responses to ““No le pegue a la negra” – Don´t hit the black lady – Music

  1. So true what you explaind, about the different way that we Colombians use the terminology Negro o Negra, as a beauty, for this reason the majority of the Caribbean music are dedicated to the “negrita or morena”; you never going to find a song dedicated to “la blanquita”.

    • lavidaesloca

      I would be great if everyone could drop the negative load that is associated with calling someone white, black, brown or yellow. We are what we are and only because some idiots associate that difference in color with something bad, we can not say things anymore as they are. We are all different of color, size, shape, character etc and that makes life interesting, so we should not hide it in any way. I really like that Colombians just call people Negro or Gorda (fat one) and nobody sees that as an insult, in the rest of the world people would start lawsuits haha….

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