Oye, abre tus ojos – Music

This must be my favorite merengue song. Driving home from Carrefour they played it on the radio and it felt like the sun was going to break through the darkness of the moon hours. I immediately felt like going to a damping salsa/merengue bar, but that phenomenon seems to be more something you find in non-Latin countries. The salsa places you see in the movies I have not encountered yet. Maybe they exist or maybe the “real” latins like to mix their musics (is that a word?). When I know more about this, I will let you know.

Anyway the song is from somewhere in the eighties but we are actually not sure who the original artist is, lets just pretend it is Colombian, at least it must be from around here somewhere. The text basically says: “Hey, open your eyes, look up, enjoy the nice thing that life has!”

Just press play (no video this time, sorry)



5 responses to “Oye, abre tus ojos – Music


  2. You mentioned the 80’s on this song… i was in high school in AZ at the time, and on a field trip to the local mountans with the AFS club (foreign exchange students, in this case many from South and Central America) I was exposed to this song, so uplifting… thanks for putting it up.

  3. I have been looking for this song for over 20 years. I could not believe it when I finally found it tonight.
    I fell in love with this song in Costa Rica in the 80s and have not been able to find a recording of it in the States.
    THANK YOU so much for putting it up. Awesome!!

  4. Everyone from every county b.u. in the US or South america, to the West Indies knows the song was sang by Rasputin (Juli Mateo) from the Dominican Republic. Comfirming, this was a song from the eighties. Desfruten las cosa buenas que tiene la vida.

  5. Raaputin (julio mateo) was with a group as a trumpeteer and one of the lead singers. The group was a Wilfredo Vargas band. Oye, avre tus ojos…

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