Juanes back in Bogota!!

juanesAfter several years of not playing in Bogota, Juanes is in town for four concerts in Coliseo Cubierto, a closed stadium next to the soccer stadium El Campin. My wife was fast with buying the tickets and with some friends we arrived an hour before the show would start. Strangely enough there were no lines at all to get in and it seemed kind of empty walking through the door. Entering the “dome” to find a seat it was clear; everyone was already there except for us. Luckily we found a friend in the middle of the masses that had been waiting since the early afternoon and she arranged 3 seats for the 4 of us.

The show started with a to me unknown artist that introduced herself as Jimena or Ximena. Still nobody seemed to know who she was (except for three girls dancing their asses off)  but later we found out she used to be from a group called Pepa Fresa…ahhhh that one!

After this short but impressing performance it seemed like we were going to be send home. The roadies apparently did not realize that half the city was peeing in their pants of enthusiasm to see their near-god and it took them about 45min. to set up the mic for Juan Esteban (real name). The stadium kept cheering and booing in the meantime, the first to get Juanes to come out and the second because of probably the most annoying marketing campaign of a powder-juice-drink that thought it was a good idea to run the same commercial seriously 43 times on the big screens.

When Juancho finally came to stage, I could even hear the toilet lady scream her lungs out from the back of the building. A superb, highly active and great sounding concert followed with as always a Juanes that cares about his fans, about the people and the country, trying to stay humble and down to earth (which should be hard assignment for him). In the encours he even played some salsa and offered his services as a party band that plays any kind of party music, including vallenato, merenque etc.

Driving home, the only thing that was on the radio was people talking about the concert. A great night!


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