Red Box Pizza

Until now we have not tried that many Pizza places in Bogota and I think this is mainly because one of the first ones we tried was Red Box.

At Carrera 15 with Calle 94, right at the corner, you will see a nice looking exterior and inside you find a chef making pizzas right in front of you. Fresh is always the best for Pizza (or any food for that matter) and it can not get any fresher than that! (I am pretty sure that some of the big chains use microwaves most of the time to heat up the already average pizzas)

All of our invitees have so far been impressed with our Pizzas, so it is safe to highly recommend them to anyone. Normally we ask for domicilio (delivery) which takes between 20 till 60 minutes in the weekend. Price of a Box Grande (8 reasonable size slices for two people to enjoy) is about 23.000COP (15USD) and my favorite so far is half Madrilena – half pepperoni. Try it!

Red Box is also at Calle 134, 9a-08 and you can call domicilios at 6050000


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