Indigo drinks

Last weekend we went to have some drinks before going clubbing. In Parque 93 there are several nice places so we headed there to check some out. We only made it to one as time was flying and we were enjoying the first place we chose. Indigo is an Oriental-American restaurant/bar but I only noticed that first part when we left and took a delivery menu on our way.

We were only looking for some good drinks and stayed outside at the roofed terrace, enjoying a nice wine (8500COP, 5USD) and wodka-redbull (22.000COP, 14USD). Seems that bars in Colombia are not that known with this excellent mix, so I had to perform the trick myself and for some reason still got charged more than I imagine normal.

The service in Indigo is up to standard with most service in Colombia I have experienced so far: really high. I have never in any other country in the world seen so many good waiters, honestly friendly and fast in their ways.

Indigo was a very pleasant start of the weekend and for sure we will check out their food one day too. Ah and they have domicilio (delivery) as well.

Carrera 11a, 93b-27
tel: 6915006


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