Noura – Lounge / Restaurant

This Friday I was hanging in the house with some muscle ache of working this day as a cotero (truck loader, sorry do not know a better translation). Not willing to move more than a few meters, but very hungry, we decided to go get some food and a drink and if possible a nice soft sofa to hang on.

Remembering this great looking building on the corner of Calle 94, Carrera 13 which said to be a lounge – restaurant, we took a sweater and headed out. We entered Noura greeted by several waiters and lead up the stairs to the restaurant part of the place. I made it clear that we just wanted a drink but the owner (or manager) mentioned that there was a show starting so it would be nice to sit upstairs.

We ordered a Grape Mojito and a Whiskey Sour (both about 11.000COP, 7USD). The last one was not on the menu and I love places where they just try to get you what you desire anyway. Many places will not even try. Both the Mojito and Whiskey were excellent and the performance of a Flamenco style guitar player/singer sounded great.

We did not get to try the food menu (changed from Arab to Mediterranean recently) as we already ate and after a few song we decide to move to the lounge downstairs as we wanted to hang back a little.

Noura was not very alive this night and we were trying to figure out why. Possibly the waiters are a little over present or maybe it is the food(?), but for us this would be the perfect place to hang out on a Friday night and have some drinks. This might be the best looking and most comfortable place in Bogota. The lounge area has amazingly relaxing sofas and the drinks were really excellent. I have never seen a Grape, Mango or Strawberry Mojito and both me and my wife thought they were the best ever!

If they put some real lounge music for that downstairs area, we will be occupying the sofas often and I am sure that more people will come to start the weekend. Maybe they should just make the whole place a lounge, as this might be what is missing in the offer in Bogota.


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