After some years living in China, I was happy to see that the supermarkets in Colombia are normal. Normal being; full of good quality fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fresh milk, snacks, magazines and everything readable so we are sure what we are actually stuffing in our bodies.

Carulla is closest to our house so we normal go there but in Bogota you will also find Carrefour, Exito and Pomona. The price level difference I am not aware of yet, but they tell me that from high to low it is: Pomona, Carulla, Carrefour, Exito.

The big milk index:

One liter of milk: 1800COP (1.10USD)

1Kg. of cow meat: 12000-14000COP (7USD-8.5USD)

An egg: 300COP, 0.20USD (30 for 6800COP, 4USD)

1Kg. of green pea (1800COP, 1.2USD)

1Kg. of oranges (2500COP, )

1Kg. of patato (1600COP, 1USD)


One response to “Supermarkets

  1. You can find the best Supercenter in town with Carrefour Sta ANA. Carrefour is also definitely the cheapest supermarket in Colombia.

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