A day in nature

Fathers day is a big event in Colombia (as well as Mothers day of course). In Holland we do not really celebrate these days that much, at least not in my family. They are there more for commercial purposes and you should love and cherish your parents every day of the year hehe

This time a BBQ was arranged in a finca (holiday house) about 1 hour outside Bogota. In many souvenir shops in Colombia they sell a little version of these typical “farm” houses and this finca was a great real life example of it. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and a lot of green it is great to spend the day relaxing in nature and enjoying the peace and quiet of it all.

The typical BBQ is made with some kind of meat, ribs, potato, platano (banana) and possibly a soup.

Outside the city it is a little colder but some beers, whiskey or wine helps to stay warm while the sun is hiding. This part of Colombia is also still warm at times and receives a lot of rain. You can see this in the very diverse plants, fruits and flowers. There are amazing amounts of flowers to be found that we never see in other parts of the world. Some pictures I took with my phone:

After spending about half the day in the finca, the trick is to go back early to the city as the roads turn into one big traffic jam as it seems that half of the rolos (Bogotanians) has been in the same plan.


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