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Music: Carlos Vives – “La tierra del olvido”

Great song of Carlos Vives (100% Colombian). Unfortunately the original video does not work and this is the only one that I could find πŸ˜‰ :


Red Box Pizza

Until now we have not tried that many Pizza places in Bogota and I think this is mainly because one of the first ones we tried was Red Box.

At Carrera 15 with Calle 94, right at the corner, you will see a nice looking exterior and inside you find a chef making pizzas right in front of you. Fresh is always the best for Pizza (or any food for that matter) and it can not get any fresher than that! (I am pretty sure that some of the big chains use microwaves most of the time to heat up the already average pizzas)

All of our invitees have so far been impressed with our Pizzas, so it is safe to highly recommend them to anyone. Normally we ask for domicilio (delivery) which takes between 20 till 60 minutes in the weekend. Price of a Box Grande (8 reasonable size slices for two people to enjoy) is about 23.000COP (15USD) and my favorite so far is half Madrilena – half pepperoni. Try it!

Red Box is also at Calle 134, 9a-08 and you can call domicilios at 6050000

Indigo drinks

Last weekend we went to have some drinks before going clubbing. In Parque 93 there are several nice places so we headed there to check some out. We only made it to one as time was flying and we were enjoying the first place we chose. Indigo is an Oriental-American restaurant/bar but I only noticed that first part when we left and took a delivery menu on our way.

We were only looking for some good drinks and stayed outside at the roofed terrace, enjoying a nice wine (8500COP, 5USD) and wodka-redbull (22.000COP, 14USD). Seems that bars in Colombia are not that known with this excellent mix, so I had to perform the trick myself and for some reason still got charged more than I imagine normal.

The service in Indigo is up to standard with most service in Colombia I have experienced so far: really high. I have never in any other country in the world seen so many good waiters, honestly friendly and fast in their ways.

Indigo was a very pleasant start of the weekend and for sure we will check out their food one day too. Ah and they have domicilio (delivery) as well.

Carrera 11a, 93b-27
tel: 6915006

Noura – Lounge / Restaurant

This Friday I was hanging in the house with some muscle ache of working this day as a cotero (truck loader, sorry do not know a better translation). Not willing to move more than a few meters, but very hungry, we decided to go get some food and a drink and if possible a nice soft sofa to hang on.

Remembering this great looking building on the corner of Calle 94, Carrera 13 which said to be a lounge – restaurant, we took a sweater and headed out. We entered Noura greeted by several waiters and lead up the stairs to the restaurant part of the place. I made it clear that we just wanted a drink but the owner (or manager) mentioned that there was a show starting so it would be nice to sit upstairs.

We ordered a Grape Mojito and a Whiskey Sour (both about 11.000COP, 7USD). The last one was not on the menu and I love places where they just try to get you what you desire anyway. Many places will not even try. Both the Mojito and Whiskey were excellent and the performance of a Flamenco style guitar player/singer sounded great.

We did not get to try the food menu (changed from Arab to Mediterranean recently) as we already ate and after a few song we decide to move to the lounge downstairs as we wanted to hang back a little.

Noura was not very alive this night and we were trying to figure out why. Possibly the waiters are a little over present or maybe it is the food(?), but for us this would be the perfect place to hang out on a Friday night and have some drinks. This might be the best looking and most comfortable place in Bogota. The lounge area has amazingly relaxing sofas and the drinks were really excellent. I have never seen a Grape, Mango or Strawberry Mojito and both me and my wife thought they were the best ever!

If they put some real lounge music for that downstairs area, we will be occupying the sofas often and I am sure that more people will come to start the weekend. Maybe they should just make the whole place a lounge, as this might be what is missing in the offer in Bogota.


After some years living in China, I was happy to see that the supermarkets in Colombia are normal. Normal being; full of good quality fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fresh milk, snacks, magazines and everything readable so we are sure what we are actually stuffing in our bodies.

Carulla is closest to our house so we normal go there but in Bogota you will also find Carrefour, Exito and Pomona. The price level difference I am not aware of yet, but they tell me that from high to low it is: Pomona, Carulla, Carrefour, Exito.

The big milk index:

One liter of milk: 1800COP (1.10USD)

1Kg. of cow meat: 12000-14000COP (7USD-8.5USD)

An egg: 300COP, 0.20USD (30 for 6800COP, 4USD)

1Kg. of green pea (1800COP, 1.2USD)

1Kg. of oranges (2500COP, )

1Kg. of patato (1600COP, 1USD)

A day in nature

Fathers day is a big event in Colombia (as well as Mothers day of course). In Holland we do not really celebrate these days that much, at least not in my family. They are there more for commercial purposes and you should love and cherish your parents every day of the year hehe

This time a BBQ was arranged in a finca (holiday house) about 1 hour outside Bogota. In many souvenir shops in Colombia they sell a little version of these typical β€œfarm” houses and this finca was a great real life example of it. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and a lot of green it is great to spend the day relaxing in nature and enjoying the peace and quiet of it all.

The typical BBQ is made with some kind of meat, ribs, potato, platano (banana) and possibly a soup.

Outside the city it is a little colder but some beers, whiskey or wine helps to stay warm while the sun is hiding. This part of Colombia is also still warm at times and receives a lot of rain. You can see this in the very diverse plants, fruits and flowers. There are amazing amounts of flowers to be found that we never see in other parts of the world. Some pictures I took with my phone:

After spending about half the day in the finca, the trick is to go back early to the city as the roads turn into one big traffic jam as it seems that half of the rolos (Bogotanians) has been in the same plan.

Hostages freed!

I have taken a little time off from writing, but now have a good reason to write again something:

Just got home and received a call from my father-in-law that 15 hostages of the FARC have been freed. Amongst them Ingrid Betancourt, 3 north americans and 11 Colombian soldiers. The Colombian troops appear to have planned a great escape for several months and infiltrated the FARC to facilitate this. During a move of the hostages by the FARC the helicopter was replaced by a undercover Governement helicopter and this is how they supposedly freed the hostages! Amazing…if I would not live here, I would say: only in a movie!

On the streets of Bogota we have seen people very excited and honking their car horns. Hopefully more rescues will follow!