Beer fest

In the supermarket I was able to find 8 different beer brands available in Bogota:

Unfortunately something happened with the picture of Aguila and I already drank the can hehe.

So I tasted so far Aguila, Club Colombia, Poker and of course Heineken. My favorite? Club Colombia, but for sure you should try all of them once to be sure that you are not missing out on anything.

One interesting difference between Colombia and Holland is by the way that in Holland most men drink beer when they go out or in the house. In Colombia and I think in many Latin American countries many men instead drink Whiskey, Rum or some local alcohol like Aguardiente (Fire Water) in Colombia. Aguardiente is I think still the most consumed alcoholic drink in Colombia and it is surely something special so I will dedicate a separate post on it when we decide to open another bottle.


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