Del Rodeo – Cheap Hamburgers

Having lunch in Portal de la 80 (a big mall at the east side of the city) is an interesting experience as there are about 25 fast food places to choose from. There are several hamburger places but some are amazingly expensive (El Corral, 16000COP for a combo). Not wanting to spend too much this day we checked out the cheapest offer for a combo meal. In Del Rodeo they offered 2 combos of a Hamburger, fries and drink for 17000COP, about 10USD. The combo is relatively simple but tasted exactly as you would expect a hamburger and fries to taste. For that money it was a good filler and healthy fast food is very rare anyway. If you want a more deluxe hamburger you should try out El Corral. It is a lot more expensive but the taste is possibly a little better.

Del Rodeo you can find all over Bogota:

Cr. 7, No. 13-43
Av. Boyaca, No. 131ª-25

Cr. 11, No. 70-66
Centro Comercial Palatino
Centro Comercial Portal 80 (Trv. 100ª, No. 80ª -20)
Centro Comercial Punto 170

Same for El Corral but more on that later (when I actually eat there)

Ah and Del Rodeo has also delivery: 01-900-331-5111


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