Planetarium – Star search

One visit that I forgot to write about is the day that we went to the Planetarium at Calle 28 con 7 next to the Parque de la Independencia I wrote about before. You will also see the Plaza de Toros (bull fighting arena) in the close neighborhood of it so it should be relatively easy to find.

The Planetarium is especially popular with families with little children as there are some handy craft activities and also the show probably is made with them in mind. Before going in, the guard told us that in July 2008 they will put a new digital system as the analog system that they have now is too old and too limited.

The show we saw “Mitos y leyendas del cielo” – “Myths and Legends of the sky” was interesting but a little slow for my taste. When the new system is there we will go and check it out again as the entrance is cheap and when we can borrow some kids from a cousin or something it will be fun to see their excitement.

Entrance 3500COP
Calle 28, Carrera 7


One response to “Planetarium – Star search

  1. The planetarium is nearby Plaza de Toros, instead of Plaza de Torres like says in the original writing. Good reseña, though.

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