Darpapaya – Latasia food

Being two and a half years married is a good reason to celebrate, so we did…

As the restaurant I had planed to go to, decided not to be open at a Sunday afternoon (!!!), I had to impress my wife with my “backup” plan. Going to Zona G is than always a good option as here you will find probably the best restaurants of Bogota all together in a few blocks.

After passing most of them (as they seemed too boring), we saw a nice looking restaurant and crossed the street to go in. For some reason we passed it however and noticed a place across the street called: Darpapaya. Directly translated it means “give opportunity” a strange name for a restaurant, but it intrigued us enough to step inside and check the menu. When the waiter said the place serves Latin-Asian fusion, we had to try it out.  The table next to the window was reserved (and several others actually) so we took place on the terrace which in the end did not turn out to be as cold as we expected.

The staff was pretty friendly and the menu made our mouths water instantly. We like to always share and taste different plates and most of the time the entrees are the best. This time we chose a carpaccio of salmon with a mayonaise sauce of wasabi and a ceviche of mixed fish to start off. A ceviche is one of my favorite starters and the Peruvian version is famous in Colombia and is served with a amazingly good sauce. This carpaccio and ceviche were far from the standard ones and tasted simply amazing.

For the main course we took the bife …. (forgot the second part). It is a plate with some chunky pieces of tender beef, served with a peanut sauce, a fried ball of criolla patato with cheese and some green beans. Also this plate was superb! So good actually that we had to try the deserts. The cheesecake of grapes was a great finisher.

As you can tell we really liked the place and even though it is a little on the expensive side (we paid 81.000COP, 50USD), for a nice occasion I can really really recommend it.

Calle 69ª No. 4-78 Bogotá, Colombia
Reserve/delivery: 5415013


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