A day in the park

It were actually only about 20 minutes but there are some parks in Bogota where you could easily spend a day just chilling out and playing some futbol (soccer hehe). I have heard about Parque Bolivar but have only passed it on several occasions. Soon I will go and check it out and write about it.

About two weeks ago however we were close to the center and crossed through this park:

It is not very big, but nice enough to get away for a sec from the busy streets and enjoy the green combined with the very blue skies we get here often. If you are wondering what the above palm trees are doing in the middle of the not tropic Bogota, you are not alone. Even my father in law did not know that the national tree the “Palma de Cera” can be found here high in the mountains. I have seen them also like this:

If you look closely you will see me at the bottom hugging the tree. I am guessing that this tree is about 30 meters high. This specific tree you can find close to Armenia. Not sure exactly where though haha


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