Show me the money!

In the streets of Bogota you will find people begging for money and others that sell for example flowers or garbage bags to make some cash to eat.

We always put all the lower value vueltas (change) that we receive, in the ashtray of our car so we have something to give to the people in need or buy something that we really do not need hehe.

Today we walked to a restaurant and came across an older man that started talking to me as we passed. My first impression was that he looked like an upscale beggar and was going to be prooven right. At first I said that I really did not have any cash with me (which I thought was true), but after checking my pockets I noticed I had a 100COP (0.05USD) coin. I gave it to the guy, but I hardly had put it in his hand, when he told me that this was nothing and he wanted to give it back!!

In the Netherlands we have a saying “hij die het kleine niet eert, is het grote niet weert” (hope I wrote that correct haha). It means that he who does not respect the little, is not worth of the big. If I see a 50COP coin on the street, I will pick it up. Money is money. After we told him what we thought about him giving me back the money, we left him there hoping he would find rich people later. Pretty sure that it will not help him to move on up though. Sayings are there for a reason!

Ah and if you think I am cheap or have no respect for homeless or poor people, you are wrong and should read the post again.


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