Cinema – Strong Clubbing

Last night we decided to check out Club Cinema in Bogota. They invited DJ Heather whom is a reasonably famous DJ from Chicago, USA and is known for playing nice and funky house music.

Not sure why but we apparently went out far too early as when we drove by there was nobody at the door and it seemed that the party had not started yet. After returning to the place around 00.30, there was more activity and we had to leave the car in the street as the parking was full. Cinema or maybe one of the other bars around there had some parking guards around though so we felt fine leaving it there. The entrance to the club was 30.000COP (about 15USD) which is reasonable if you have to bring foreign and expensive DJ’s hehe

Entering the club it seemed that the vibe was already going and one of the residents, which I think was Allan Kassin, was playing some nice warm up tracks. I always appreciate a DJ that take it easy in the beginning and that knows how to build up to a climax during the night. Around 2AM Heather took the stage and started off pretty decent. During the next two hours however the level of intensity and excitement stayed flat and we (nor the crowd) was really really excited. Good music but nothing special and I am not sure if it was worth to bring this lady all the way over. I preferred the residents but unfortunately was too tired to hear Gerardj till the end.

We will for sure be going back as it is a nice undergroundish club, not too big, good sound system and a relaxed crowd. One date that is already set in my agenda is August 8 as one of my current favorites, Mr. Sebastien Leger from France, will be coming to Cinema which should be great, rough and rolling.

Ps. Cinema people, any chance you can bring D Ramirez to Bogota??? Anyway I am grateful for Leger already 😉

Contact Info
cra 14 # 75 – 46
Bogotá, Colombia

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