Millionairs call update!

One of our family members was almost a victim of a famous scam in which the maid gets a call from someone saying that the house owner has an emergency and needs all the money and jewelry in the house. Sometimes they actually cooperate and bring all your belongings to some thief that is waiting outside and whom of course disappears with your stuff.

In the end the scam did not work in this case but still we wanted to know if the maids were just plain stupid or if they were involved, so we arranged for a professional to do a lie detector test. Turns out that the maids are innocent, but they forgot the mention some details that make the story interesting I think: the day of the scam there were actually 8 phone calls to the house!! Some person saying that she wanted to know if the owner was home; one maid answered and said that Ms. X was not home. This is how they get your name. Than later they called and asked to confirm the address to make sure some invitation for a wedding would arrive. More details were giving. This goes on until they have enough to let the final scammer call and persuade the maid to assist in whatever is needed… So be aware!!

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