Huecos – black holes

This post I want to address directly to Mr. Samuel Moreno, the mayor of Bogota since a few months.

Dear Mr. Moreno,

As legal immigrant and taxpayer of the great city of Bogota, I wish to ask for just one favor in return for the money that gets deducted from my salary every month. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THE STREETS AND CLOSE THE AMAZINGLY DANGEROUS HUECOS?

Driving around the city you must have noticed that some of the streets look like they were made as part of a kindergarten do-it-yourself class. Pieces of street just let go of the ground beneath and holes appear that have some similarity with black holes: they eat whatever approaches and they get bigger and bigger!!

I think all of Bogota wants you to put a high priority to fixing these holes as they cause extra traffic problems, accidents and it is basically an embarrassment to the city. I read that Bogota is the city with the most huecos per capita, about 19 per capita with 7million inhabitants! The many beautiful hotels, restaurants, parks and other establishments are really brought down by some of the bad streets that they are situated at. If you want more tourists to come, you need to fix this important part of the “face” of the city!

Beside the holes that form themselves, there are also the holes which are “man made”. A manhole (for sewer entrance) normally is covered by a steel lid. People like to recycle them and therefore you will find some streets where these lids are missing, creating a hole of about 50cm diameter and a meter deep. This week I saw a car driving straight through one, flying up half a meter, almost loosing control over the car and ending up very close to a jeep filled with people. For motorcyclists this is even more dangerous as hitting one should cause unimaginable bone breaking or even death. (one thing I just found out is that you actually hold the state responsible for any damage cause by huecos for example and they will pay at least the repair)

Maybe your answer will be that there is not enough money to fill the holes or replace the lids, so I am going to suggest a different approach. First of all, replace the lids by plastic or concrete ones, so they have no value and do not get stolen. Second of all, I will pay for the first one if I get the right to adopt and name it. I am sure many Bogotanians would follow my example. For the holes that are created in the asphalt streets: just have them fixed by someone that knows what he is doing. So many roads in the city seem to be perfectly fine, so hire these people again and fire the idiot that hired the others.

Looking forward to your comments and actions.

High regards,

A fellow city dweller


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