Gaudi – Spanish Restaurant

It might seem that we only go to foreign restaurants but honestly it is just a coincidence. Before starting the blog we have gone to many places with Colombian food but I do not have any pictures and don’t remember what we ate there so I will have to review them at a later point.

Yesterday we went to La Macarena, a neighborhood close to the center of Bogota, with some very nice streets with good restaurants. We decided to try out the Tapas of Gaudi a nice place with the designs of Gaudi heavily incorporated in the decoration. I was hoping not to receive the Spanish service that I have experienced so far in my life as Spanish waiters might be the worst ever.

Luckily the waiters were fine and the food great. We had the typical tapas plates like:bread with tomato, octopus, patatas bravas (potato with spicy sauce), Jamon Serrano, some meat and olives. To wash all this down we had a jar of Sangria of Cava, the Spanish champagne. Ah and I must not forget that we also ordered a plate of Paella but I left that for the others as it is not my favorite.

In total we paid 120.000COP (about 70USD) for 6 plates of Tapas, the paella and drinks. Not cheap but a reasonable price for good food in a great looking place and nice atmosphere.

You can find Gaudi at: Carrera 4a, 27-54, La Macarena Bogota. Tel: 3427183


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