Paintballs hurt

Last Monday (as it was a free day) we decide to go play paintball with some friends. Just before putting on the suit some of our friends thought it was a good idea to mention that the balls actually hurt. Hurt bad! Seeing the two teams before us coming out of the play zone bruised with dark red spots on their arms and legs and covered in paint, the fun of it all seemed a little further away.

After dividing the two teams and putting on a special suit, which in the end mainly seemed to have functioned to keep the paint out, we entered the play zone and got our guns and paintballs. In the beginning everyone started kind of friendly and slow, but after getting a full hit, I decided to let the games begin and shoot anything that moved. This way I ran out of ammo even before we could finish the first mission but I had fun and nobody was able to hit me again :). After three missions time was up and we all stumbled to the secure zone to count or wounds. Luckily hardly anyone was really badly hit, except for one friend that got two big red dots on his arm.

The terrain was interesting but too small for my taste. Because of its shape and size there was nothing left than just head to head attack and no sneaking up from around the corner for example.

For 15.000COP, about 10USD, you get 50 balls and 1hour of “missions”. For extra balls you pay 100COP each. We used about 200 more per person which was enough for spraying your friends with a nice new layer of paint.

We had a great time and I was completely exhausted afterward, but this has more to do with my personal fitness level I think. Next time I will want to check out one of the other places in town though as the orange suit they gave me did not help to hide (as I am already tall) and I really need some more space to put my strategies to work.

For more info on Colombia Paintball check:
Tel (571) 681-3945 or
Cel (57) 300-216-2647

Av. Calle 139, No. 81-22, Bogota. (the entrance is at the wooden gate that for sure you will miss if you do not pay attention)


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