Chez Therese – Belgium food

Right after the toll booth going over the mountain from Bogota to La Calera you will find a very colorful restaurant which unmistakeably is Belgium. Last Sunday we decided to try out the food after driving past this place already on several occasions.

Right after the earthquake we were not 100% comfortable on the second floor, as the restaurant sort of hangs on the side of the mountain. To actually get the most out of the atmosphere of the place I suggest to try and get one of the tables on the first floor. The service was not that the fastest in town and I personally did not like the free entree but the rest of the food definitely made up for that! We were not that hungry so we ordered cheese croquettes and beef with herb butter to share. Both turned out very well and of course we had to order the chocolate mousse for desert. A great finisher of a very nice lunch made by the owner herself!

Btw. besides eating there you can also take home fresh lettuce, jams, eggs, pate etc.

Chez Therese: Km 7 via La Calera – Patios, tel: 5224778


3 responses to “Chez Therese – Belgium food

  1. fS0f5P Thanks for good post

  2. Roberto Camacho

    Really nice comment on TherĂ©se, which is indeed a very good restaurant, but you might want to say “belgian” instead of “Belgium” for the adjective

  3. I went there one day, and I had the best Mussels and fries ever !
    they also cook a nice rabbit a la creme!
    the only thing is they are not always open and you have to call prior cuz when its cold and rainy in Patios they wouldn t open .
    the place is all wooden, a bit special because floor and walls are off , there must have a earthquake or something, they also have lots of belgian beers !

    good place I recommend for moules et frites !

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