Paseo al Norte – Trip to the north

In the weekends many Bogotanians take their car and drive out of the city to spend some time in nature, go to a finca (holiday house) or have lunch in one of the restaurants in the nearby pueblos (villages) or in the mountains. After looking around in Full House, a mall of about 30 furniture shops at Autopista Norte with Calle 195, we decide to return to the city by taking a similar tour through Sopo and La Calera. This is a beautiful drive with some nice places to stop on the way.

“La Cabana” a factory store of famous Alpina dairy brand you can find at the edge of Sopo village. Here you can get all sorts of milk, yogurt and cheese products straight from the factory which lies just about one hundred meters to the left of this picture. The Cabana is actually relatively new as last year when we went, it was just a small shed.

The best to order here are without a doubt the fresas con crema – strawberries with cream! Great flavor and freshly made. Perfect as a pre-lunch desert 😉

After eating half of the desert and leaving the other half for after lunch, we drove into Sopo and stopped at the town square. The church is actually where we got married a few years ago. Sopo is normally very calm but yesterday they were celebrating the 355 year anniversary of the village, so it was a little more crowded than normal. Still a big difference with Bogota though!

Leaving Sopo you go through some other small villages like El Salitre and La Calera. From there the road goes up into the mountain and you will see a lot cars from Bogota parked on the side of the roads as most restaurants serve here the popular traditional plate of meat, patatoes, yuca, corn and patacon. Actually so many people went out yesterday that there were lines for parking and ordering.

About half way down the mountain on the other side, you get an amazing view of the city. You can see the different seasons in one day as described by me in an earlier post, with the sun on the left and rain clouds on the right. Really an impressive sight and a great tour taking just half a day at most.


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