2 BIG shocks in one day

Yesterday we had a double shock.

BogotaAt the exact moment that I took the last bite of my piece of “milhoja”, which is a sweat cake kind of desert (best ones are from Pasteleria Santander located all over Bogota), the table started shaking heavily and cupboards and glasses started trembling. In a very surreal moment we ran out of the house and met other neighbors on the street. After waiting for a few minutes in the rain, we decide it was safe again to go inside where we met with the few people that did not think it was worth it to leave their drinks behind haha.

Checking the news on City TV it turned out we just experienced a 5.5 earthquake on the scale of Richter. As the quakes epicenter was about 53km South-West from Bogota, the damage in the city was very limited, but closer to the epicenter several houses collapsed and even some people died. In the US I once experienced a quake of 6.8 and compared to that one yesterday was reasonably calm where we were. Last serious quake was in Armenia in 1999 taking the life of several thousand people and leaving 200.000 homeless.

The other big shock of the day was that the FARC confirmed the death of Manuel Marulanda Velez aka “Tiro Fijo”, whom for more than 65 years was the leader of the FARC. The FARC has received some hard blows in the recent months with the deaths of, number two, Raul Reyes, senior commander Ivan Rios and the surrender of Nelly Avila Moreno aka “Karina”. An end to this important part of Colombias “history” might be close…


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