Three seasons in a day

Being Dutch I am used to talking a lot about the weather. Not sure if it is because we hope everyday that the sun will come out so we can have a drink at a terazza, or maybe because politics are that boring that we prefer to talk about the possibility of rain over the next few days.

When my friends or family ask me about the weather, 99% of the time I say that it is the same as yesterday or the last time we spoke. Even though at first it seems that Bogota does not have any seasons and the weather is always nice, lately I have adjusted my idea about this. Bogota actually sometimes has three seasons in one day!

In the last few months I have seen several days in which I got up with spring, while driving to work went through autumn and spent a summer afternoon in the office. The weather really can go from rainy, grey and cold (around 10 degrees Celsius) to hot, perfect blue sky and sunburn in the time frame of a few hours. I imagine that the surrounding of mountains is the cause of these fast weather changes.

Anyway winter is always far away and normally the weather is the best I have seen anywhere, between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius, blue skies with some clouds, a lot of sun and never the need for a jacket. Just a sweater at night. When looking for apartments here, I found out that the houses do not have heating nor cooling! Amazing…


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