Concert: Peace without borders

As you might have seen in the news, a few months ago there was some “discussion” between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. It seemed to be something mainly at governmental level and it got pushed so far that other countries were pulled into it and some threats of war were even made.

Juanes, besides Shakira probably the most famous artist from Colombian origin for non-Latins, wanted to send a message to our neighbors and unite the people of the three different countries. He invited Ricardo Montaner (Venezuela), Juan Fernando Velasco (Ecuador), Miguel Bosé and Alejandro Sanz (Spain), Juan Luis Guerra (Dominican Republic) and Carlos Vives (Colombia) and organized a free concert on the border of Colombia and Venezuela: “Paz sin fronteras” – Peace without borders.

Carlos Vives put on a great show with his typical Vallenato rhythms:

Pa’Mayte – Carlos Vives

Alejandro Sanz – “No es lo mismo”

While 400.000 people were present at this huge party, we watch at home with my wifes family. A really impresive time in many ways. By now things have calmed down again though, even though some “discussion” will probably continue for a while as politicians always need to have something to say 🙂


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