The millionairs call

Also known as “la llamada millionaria” is a very interesting scam that today was put into action against a family member.

As maids are inexpensive here (20.000COP/12USD a full day) many richer people have a maid (or several) that even live in their house during the week. They clean, cook, take care of the kids, do the groceries, etc.

The millionaires call is basically a very well planned setup in which some ladrones (thieves) get to know as much as they can about you, your family, maids etc. Than when they know that you are not home, they call your maid and pretend to call on your behalf. For example they say that they are your secretary and that you are in trouble. The maid of course gets really worried and if they are not too bright, they will do as the person calling asks. As you can imagine the caller wants the maid to gather as much valuables as possible and take them out of the building to meet somewhere. All supposedly to help you out of a tricky situation in which you need a lot of money and for some reason you can not call yourself to the maid.

Today they actually knew the telephone number of the house, that nobody was there, that the owner of the house was at a doctors appointment and probably that there was some money in the house. The maid in this case was not one of the smarter ones and did not check with anyone what was going on. In an earlier case I witnessed, the maid simply called her “boss” and it was clear what was going on.

Luckily, today, another family member arrived to this house and found the maid packing all the “goods”. Police showed up and checked the meeting place but of course the ladrones were already far gone. The maid will probably loose her job as it is not sure if she can be trusted…

Another argument for me to use in favor of not having a maid 😀


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