La Vida Es Loca!

Life is crazy…sometimes….

Yesterday I had the realization again that I am far away from my place of birth, in a different country, with different people and a language which is not mine (yet). This realization comes once in a while at just any random moment and it feels like being in two places at the same time. My mind reminds me of the life I had in the Netherlands, my friends there, family, snacks, Dutch, calm cities, seasons or just the smell of the air. Life has changed a lot after leaving behind all I knew as normal about three years ago, but at the same time it actually has not changed that much.

Life is more dynamic here for sure and sometimes even a little “loca”, but I still eat a sandwich with cheese in the morning, I make money by working my ass off,  in the weekends I go partying with friends, I enjoy complaining about the government (here mainly the municipality one) and I love spending time with my amazing wife.

So life here to me seems not that different from life in any other place in the world, but I thought that it would be better to “show” this by making a blog about it than by attempting to explain it over the phone to my friends and family.

Before I really begin with this, I must make it clear that my life is not that of the average Colombian. I do not pretend to know a lot about Colombia or its population and I will not write too much about politics, as there is enough information about that elsewhere. This will simply be about daily life…

Ah and in case you do not know me personally, you can call me:


Looking forward to your replies, comments etc.


One response to “La Vida Es Loca!

  1. La vida es realmente muy loca.. Vivir en un otro pais debe ser una experiencia muy interesante, me gustaria mucho hacerlo en el futuro.

    Greetings from Brazil!

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