Ciclovia – Bicycle Street

Every Sunday from 9am till 2pm we go out for a bike ride. Well for the last two weeks at least 🙂


normal bicycle lanes in Bogota

Bogota normally already has special lanes dedicated to cyclists (as mingling with normal traffic is not a good idea, not even in a car!), but on Sunday a whole network of roads of about 120KM becomes only accessible to cyclists, joggers and families enjoying the space and exercise. For some reason it is very inviting to participate in this “event” and about 2 million Rolos (citizens of Bogota) actually do.


As far as I know this started in Bogota in 1976 and also happens in other Colombian cities as Cali and Medellin. It is a great way to get people to do exercise and at the same time experience their city in a different and more personal way. Any mayors out there that can replicate this please?


6 responses to “Ciclovia – Bicycle Street

  1. We are looking for a photo of Ciclovia to use with a short article about the street closing movement that will appear in our next Bicycle Coalition of Maine newsletter. Could we use the photo above showing all of the bicyclists in the street? We have printed newsletter so we need high res photos.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Shoshana, unfortunately this picture is not mine, I just googled it and am not sure where I got it from. There are several other sites that use the same one. Hope you can find the original!

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  4. The Ciclovia is a wonderful thing, a healthy activity where rich and poor, singles and families, black, white and indigenous, all mix together.

    Unfortunately, some politicians want to cut it back so that it doesn’t inconvenience cars!

    Mike – Bogota Bike Tours
    Bogota Bike Tours

  5. So cool! They are actually talking about doing this in parts of Los Angeles in 2010.

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